Dinosaur Guide 1

Scout Service unofficial Dinosaur Recognition Guide

As compiled by the crew of the blue falcon

Part 1: big flappy things

These giant winged predators can be found in the skies of Mithril near most large bodies of water. We assume they’re predators since most of the wildlife we surveyed on our mission wanted to kill us. It was basically Australia but an entire planet. They are highly territorial and will attack anything in the air that isn’t them. We assume they live on fish or something and probably make their nests in high rocky cliffs, but honestly, we didn’t want to find out. Red, Queenie, and Claire wrecked the air/raft when they got too close to flappy thing air space and now we’ll have to requisition a new one.


Anyway, if you find yourself in big flappy thing territory, the best thing to do is leave. Get to ground fast, but avoid crashing if possible.

>>>crash, I am going to kill you

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